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The idiot responsible for this website. Those who dare hide my name and face will be subject to DMCA takedown abuse.

I'm just some asian douchebag on the Internet who runs a small Youtube channel who usually collects and tinkers with old technology and makes homebrew stuff for the original PlayStation. Youtube is merely just a hobby to me and I don't really plan on making any money off my videos as I don't really see much of a reason to and that I have an actual job which I much prefer over trying to make Youtube a career which is a trending thing to do apparently. Yeah I can get a few hundred pesos off of it on top of my monthly salary but I'm not really interested on that really and I don't want to have ads on my videos. Besides the way I make my videos are probably not very ad friendly to begin with and I rather have the freedom of doing stupid things that I would otherwise not be able to if I want to be 'ad friendly'.

I've been programming since late 2008 and I started on a old programming environment called Microsoft QBasic with the help of a computer book issued by the school that covered QBasic programming (this was 2007-2008 btw). The book also covered a little of the MS-DOS programming environment and even showed how to use floppy disks including 5.25" disks. I suppose this book was quite outdated by this time really and you can say that seeing these things from the book sparked my interest in collecting and playing around with vintage computer technology though I've already had somewhat of a similar interest much earlier but with VHS decks instead as I thought they're most ideal for recording my favorite cartoon shows at the time and DVD recorders were very uncommon and would've cost a lot more than VHS decks.

I soon upgraded to QuickBasic 4.5 as it allowed me to compile EXEs of my programs though they were still DOS applications which many of my friends who had newer computers that ran Windows Vista or 7 were not able to play my games. I continued programming in QB45 for awhile and even switched to using an old Windows 98 PC as my daily driver up until 2012 when I switched to QB64 and upgraded to some cheap ASUS laptop running Windows 7. I then started learning how to program in C around 2013 as I wanted to get into PlayStation homebrew development and then switched completely to C/C++ in late 2014 when I had enough of the limitations of QB64. Much of everything I learned about programming was self-taught as there were no programming classes throughout my high schoool years that follow. Even with the programming classes I went through in College I was still far ahead of the class.

I was the last one born of 5 siblings during April Fool's Day of 1996... Fortunately April Fools is not really celebrated in the Philippines.

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To those wondering if I run a social media account. Sorry, I don't have one nor do I plan to make one as social media sucks and e-mails are clunky.

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