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This is the 'official' Internet domain of the one-man developer Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek Productions, probably most known for making PlayStation homebrew and one of the very few who's most knowledgeable of the hardware. The Meido-Tek name is probably redundant as only one person is behind it so it can't be considered a group of sorts but the name stuck anyway.

Feel free to browse around my site to your heart's content. Or... Trash my site with a DoS attack if you feel like being shitty. Though this site has the potential of being easily brought down with enough Internet traffic as this site is hosted on a credit card sized SBC with less computing power than a Pentium 3 but the likelihood of that ever happening is slim as my existence is too obscure for such an occurance to happen.

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An FTP of old software and drivers I've gathered over the years. I decided to host the latter here as it's been getting harder and harder to find driver archives hosting old drivers these days that won't just give you ScamMalwareDriverUpdater.exe that only serve to piss you off.

Remember to login to the FTP as annoyingmous.

News Blog

A blog style listing of all news posts on this website. Obscuring any information on the posts when taking a screenshot is strictly prohibited. DMCA takedown abuse will be used if absolutely necessary.


Various projects I've created and worked on over the years and probably the most interesting section of this website. Mostly PlayStation related but there are some projects for other platforms as well.

Other Stuff

Miscellaneous things such as my vintage hardware collection fall under here.

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Got new hardware: Toshiba Libretto ff 1100v

Posted August 18, 2019 9:14PM MST

Last week, I got a new piece of hardware from 1999 to early 2000s, a Toshiba Libretto ff 1100v.

Its a sub-notebook (or netbook) from Toshiba's Libretto line of very small (for its time) laptops, most known for packing a complete multimedia hardware setup (sans a CD-ROM drive) and a fairly beefy CPU for its time (a full fat Pentium MMX) in such a tiny package. This particular Libretto model was only sold in Japan.

I bought this laptop for just 200php (roughly around $4) from some local surplus store and is by far the smallest vintage laptop in my possession. It didn't come with a charger so I had to use some pin header connectors with the plastic removed, so I can stick it into the charger pins of the laptop. Conveniently, the polarities are labelled.

I've also gone through the trouble of attempting to rebuild the battery, as I would like it to be able to run off batteries again. The rebuild process involves replacing the cells in a parallel manner so the smartass controller in the battery pack won't loose power, otherwise the battery would probably brick itself and render it useless.

(that is my character on the wallpaper btw, art commissioned off of murnintheair)

...And it now holds a charge!

Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long on battery despite charging up to 75%. I believe its due to the first two cells on the right not holding much of a charge anymore, as they were salvaged from a failed attempt at fixing a cheap RC helicopter last year and both cells ended up leaking (the first one on the right had it worse). This was mostly a test anyway and I'll be replacing the old ones with brand new cells, as well as tidying up the wiring so I can put the cover back on.

Expect a dumb video of this laptop to be made soon, but I want to do a video of this thing first, to make fun of people spending hundreds on expensive upscaler hardware for their fancy new 4K TV:

Things have been going pretty slow lately due to life and shit getting in the way as per usual...

Check out News Blog for more news items.

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