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This is the 'official' Internet domain of the one-man developer Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek Productions, probably most known for making PlayStation homebrew and one of the very few who's most knowledgeable of the hardware. The Meido-Tek name is probably redundant as only one person is behind it so it can't be considered a group of sorts but the name stuck anyway.

Feel free to browse around my site to your heart's content. Or... Trash my site with a DoS attack if you feel like being shitty. Though this site has the potential of being easily brought down with enough Internet traffic as this site is hosted on a credit card sized SBC with less computing power than a Pentium 3 but the likelihood of that ever happening is slim as my existence is too obscure for such an occurance to happen.

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An FTP of old software and drivers I've gathered over the years. I decided to host the latter here as it's been getting harder and harder to find driver archives hosting old drivers these days that won't just give you ScamMalwareDriverUpdater.exe that only serve to piss you off.

Remember to login to the FTP as annoyingmous.

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A blog style listing of all news posts on this website. Obscuring any information on the posts when taking a screenshot is strictly prohibited. DMCA takedown abuse will be used if absolutely necessary.


Various projects I've created and worked on over the years and probably the most interesting section of this website. Mostly PlayStation related but there are some projects for other platforms as well.

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Miscellaneous things such as my hardware collection and shitty drawings fall under here.

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First post of 2020

Posted January 13, 2020 9:10PM MST

Great, another year has passed and haven't got around to make anything that resembles a game project yet with Scarlet Engine being put aside for pretty much the entire year in favor of another but equally as outstanding of project that originally started out as just a small little experiment with the GCC compiler from 2018; the PSn00bSDK Project.

Development of PSn00bSDK was quite rapid last year, having a good amount of the PS1 hardware implemented in the libraries even before a year has passed since the project was pushed out to the public. Disappointingly a great majority of the work had to be done by me to the point that it has made me feel tired of working on the project for awhile, though granted this is my project after all and I'm more of a lone wolf developer than one who has to depend on several other people working together to get things done and I also have to juggle multiple, smaller projects too.

But I did get a few small fixes and corrections here and there from others which I'd otherwise not notice myself as I'm normally most focused in working on the bigger things, which are very well appreciated. I suppose this is mainly due to the fact most people in the PS1 scene are not exactly low level aficionados of the console as I do, and those who were have seemingly retired from the scene.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment I've made with PSn00bSDK before the year's end was implementing full CD-ROM support that does not use the limited BIOS CD-ROM routines, allowing for full control of the CD-ROM which no other open source SDK for the PS1 has ever had that I'm aware of, or at the very least not as well as how I've implemented it in PSn00bSDK. Some pretty crafty folks supposedly accomplished data streaming from CD in PSn00bSDK, which I don't see it as being impossible to do but the streaming had to be handled with the programmer's own streaming routines as I haven't developed a .STR equivalent for PSn00bSDK yet.

Anyway, we'll see how things turn out and what gets accomplished in 2020. I hope to get back to Scarlet Engine at some point, this time it'll be developed for PSn00bSDK as it has become my de-facto SDK for the PS1 and would perhaps help promote its capabilities not seen in other projects that have come and gone.

As for the hardware side of things, I've aquired a lot of great things in the last year. The CZ-5000, the HD CRT, Toshiba Libretto and a Sony VX1000 Digital HandyCam that is new in box and a bunch of smaller things. So surplus hauls were pretty great in 2019.

Check out News Blog for more news items.

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